Cow Wool Yarn Scarf Thread Hat 245 Stick Needle Hand-knitted Medium Thick Coat


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Product information:

Composition and content; consumption of cattle velvet 25%, wool 50%, mercerized velvet 25%

Yarn count; 9S

Strands; 3

Twist; normal

Spinning technology; worsted spinning

Yarn form; group thread

Main uses; knitting, hand-knitting, woven

Color: 01 milky white, 02 light green, 03 light purple, 04 dark pink, 05 hemp red, 06 light card, 07 light camel, 08 camel, 09 camel gray, 10 purple camel, 11 dark brown, 12 black, 13 gray, 14 dark gray, 15 dark green, 16 dark blue, 17 brown camel, 18 dark camel, 19 black hemp gray, 20 light hemp gray, 21 medium hemp gray, 22 dark hemp gray, 23 dark meat powder, 24 withered green, 25 brown red, 26 hair bezoar, 27 yak camel, 28 black and purple, 29 black and red, 30 blue and black

Packing list

Cow down yarn*1

Additional information

Weight 0,10 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Black, Black and purple, Black and red, Black hemp, Blue and black, Brown camel, Brown red, Camel, Camel grey, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, Dark brown, Dark camel, Dark green, Dark hemp grey, Dark meat powder, Dark pink, Grey, Hair bezoar, Hemp red, Light Green, Light Purple, Light camel, Light card, Light hemp grey, Medium hemp grey, Milky white, Purple camel, Withered green, Yak camel


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