Milk Cotton Gradient Dyeing Yarn


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Product information:

Composition and content: milk cotton

Yarn count: 21S

Strands: 3

Main use: towels, knitting, weaving, sewing

Color: 01 peach powder, 02 pineapple yellow, 03 vanilla green, 04 lake green, 05 sea and sky color, 06 lilac purple, 07 meteorite lime, 08 snow gray, 09 blue and white blue, 10 wild green, 11 cotton candy, 12 sweet Orange, 13 Starry Sky, 14 Shuiyuntian, 15 Bright Red, 16 Flower Sea Red, 17 Azalea Red, 18 Purple Green Yellow, 19 Lady Pink, 20 Coral Orange, 21 Cream Yellow, 22 Rose Purple, 23 Blue Wave Green, 24 Starbucks, 25 Sailor Blue, 26 Carmine Red, 27 Moss Green, 28 Plateau Blue, 29 Qiu Si Cai, 30 One Cut Plum, 31 Pink Dai Grey, 32 Smoke Green, 33 Khaki Flower, 34 Lavender, 35 Sky Blue, 36 Cherry Blossom Powder, 37 Plum Red ,38 Sugar Orange, 39 Autumn Yellow, 40 Gradient Blue, 41 Starry Blue

Length: 175mᄆ1mm

Weaving: hand knitting, woven

Needle: 10 gauge knitting needle

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Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 30 cm

A cut plum, Autumn rhyme yellow, Autumn thinking, Azalea Red, Blue Wave Green, Blue and White Blue, Carmine Red, Cherry blossom, Coral Orange, Cream Yellow, Flower Sea Red, Gradient blue, Khaki, Lady Pink, Lake Green, Lavender, Lilac Purple, Marshmallow, Meteor Lime, Moss Green, Peach Pink, Pineapple Yellow, Pink grey, Plateau Blue, Plum red, Purple Green Yellow, Rose Purple, Sailor Blue, Sea and Sky, Sky blue, Smoky green, Snow Grey, Star blue, Starbucks, Starry Sky, Sugar orange, Sweet Orange Yellow, Vanilla Green, Wild Green


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