Multi Hole Self Adhesive Cable Clamping Desktop Organizer

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Product information:

Model: Set

Type of wire winder: wire trimmer

Winding style: simple

Material: TPR

Size: 9.5*14.3*1.2cm

Applicable product: Universal

Product features: Multifunctional

Color: Black ten-piece set (ordinary back glue), white ten-piece set (ordinary back glue), black ten-piece set (acrylic back glue), white ten-piece set (acrylic back glue), black five-piece set (acrylic back glue) ), white five-piece set (acrylic back glue), black single hole (ordinary back glue), white single hole (ordinary back glue), black two holes (acrylic back glue), white two holes (acrylic back glue), black four holes (acrylic back glue), white four holes (acrylic back glue), black six holes (acrylic back glue), white six holes (acrylic back glue), black eight holes (acrylic back glue) , White eight holes (acrylic back glue)

Storage scene: bedroom storage, desktop storage

Packing list:

Liner *1 or liner set *1

Additional information

Weight 0,08 kg
Dimensions 143 × 95 × 30 cm

Black 10piece Set acrylic, Black 2hole acrylic, Black 4hole acrylic, Black 5piece Set acrylic, Black 6hole acrylic, Black 8hole acrylic, Black Ten Piece Set Regular, Black single hole normal, White 10piece Set acrylic, White 2hole acrylic, White 4hole acrylic, White 5piece Set acrylic, White 6hole acrylic, White 8hole acrylic, White single hole plain, White ten piece set backpass


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