Multi-style Hemp Rope Braided Webbing

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Product information:

Type: Hemp rope webbing

Main raw material: hemp

Scope of application: clothing, home textiles, apparel, industrial use

Color: D2-14 4CM*2M, D2-3 4CM*2M, D2-7 5CM*2M, D2-6 4CM*2M, D3-1 4CM*2M, D2-1 3.5CM*2M, D2-8 3.5CM *2M,D2-15 3.5CM*2M,D2-11 4CM*2M,D2-13 4CM*2M,D2-2 4CM*2M,D2-16 4CM*2M,D3-5 (4cm*2m),D3- 4 (4cm*2m), D3-2 red (4cm*2m), D2-9 pink (4cm*2m), D3-3 4cm*2m/roll, D2-12 4cm*2m/roll, D2-10 4cm* 2m/roll, D2-5 4cm*2m/roll, D2-4 4cm*2m/roll

Specification: 2m/roll

Packing list:

Woven webbing x1

Additional information

Weight 0,02 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

2m roll


10styles 4CMx2M, 11styles 4CMx2M, 12styles 4CMx2M, 13style 4cmx2m, 14styles 4cmx2m, 15styles 4cmx2m, 16styles 4cmx2m, 17styles 4cmx2m, 18styles 4cmx2m, 19styles 4cmx2m, 1style 4CMx2M, 2style 4CMx2M, 3styles 5CMx2M, 4styles 4CMx2M, 5styles 4CMx2M, 6style 3.5CMx2M, 7style 3.5CMx2M, 8style 3.5CMx2M, 9styles 4CMx2M, Pink 4cmx2m, Red 4cmx2m


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