Plant Planting Bag With 7 Hanging Felt Plant Pots


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WELL DONE HOLDER: Back waterproof layer effectively protects the wall without any stains, and the leakproof design of the bottom makes your ground is not dirty.

MATERIAL: Hanging garden pockets were made of Felt Cloth that is a high-quality environmental protection material. Practically, this growing bag can make a great environment for your plants, such as herbs, strawberries, flowers, vegetables and so on.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Although the planting bag is waterproof, it is also breathable. When the plant has enough moisture, the bag will automatically ooze excess water to maintain a comfortable growth environment. Sturdy and corrosion-resistant, the decorative planting pockets are really suitable for hanging anywhere, your room, living room, kitchen, garden, loft and more.

PERFECT SIZE: In order to accommodate more soil, our producers have widened the pockets. Upgraded waterproof design allows you to not only use it outdoors but also beautifully decorates your interior.


Elegant support: waterproof back effectively protects the walls without any stains

Advanced technology: Although the plant bag is waterproof, it is breathable

Perfect size: To accommodate more soil, our manufacturers have expanded the size of the pockets

Color: black

Hanging flowerpot: vertical flowerpot

Style: Pastoral

Package Content:

1 x planting bag

Additional information

Weight 0,32 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 130 cm



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