Wall-mounted Felt Planting Bag Manufacturers Supply Multiple Plant Planting Bags

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Easy to plant 

Shockproof and waterproof

Wall-mounted and 



Composition and content: felt

Width: 1.05

Weight: 200 (g/㎡)

Specific use: Planting bag

Item No.: Wall-mounted felt planting bag

Alias: Planting bag plant wall

Color: Army Green

Size: 0.5*.05m flat bottom 9 ports

0.5*1m flat bottom 18 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 25 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 36 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 49 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 64 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 72 ports, 

1*1m flat bottom 81 ports

Package Content:

1* Set (including 20)

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Dimensions 200 × 250 × 50 cm

0.4x 0.22m 2bags, 0.4×0.6m 6bags, 0.5×0.5m 9 bags, 0.5x1m 18bags, 0.6×0.22m 3bags, 0.6×0.8m 12bags, 0.8×0.22m 4bags, 1x1m 25bags, 1x1m 36bags, 1x1m 49bags, 1x1m 64bags, 1x1m 72bags, 1x1m 81bags, 9bags0.5×0.5m black, Hook


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